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Just Shoot Me – The Haves and Have Mores

This was a great episode where everybody thought Kevin was stalking Nina and Maya. Afterall, he followed Maya to her house, wanted to kiss Nina, and he wouldn’t stop giving them presents.

 What’s funny is that Kevin freaked out and insisted that he wasn’t this psycho monster that they thought we was. The ironic thing was that we looked psycho while trying to convince them that he WASN’T a stalker. Later, he admitted to Nina that he was stalking them and didn’t know how to talk to women. Good job, Kevin! You just became a lady’s man with that kiss to Nina’s head!

Meanwhile, Jack was selected to do a magazine cover with Tom Bradford only if he was allowed to insult the Blush staff and offered .1% of the company to any employee who agreed. Elliot ran out of the room like a schoolgirl and Jack used Finch to play a little on Elliot in order to get him to do the magazine shoot of Jack and Tom. It all ended with Tom drawing an 8 Ball on Elliot’s head (he called Elliot Q Ball) and Elliot drawing cat whiskers on his boss’s head.


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